Payroll Management Solution

Web-Based Payroll Software: It is a simple, efficient and scalable solution that helps you automate and streamline your entire payroll process without any additional investment in IT infrastructure. This payroll management module will manage the complex requirements of pay production while adapting to the ever changing conditions of employment.
The flexible Payroll Management module features comprehensive payroll rules to meet statutory compliance, stringent payroll requirements and security facilities. All of this is backed up by regular software enhancements, full documentation and dedicated support from Cutting Edge Software.

How it Works:

PreciPAY is a web hosted payroll software and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime without need for any hardware, software, or IT support.All you need to access PreciPAY is a browser and an internet connection.

PreciPAY is available as a SAAS (Software as a Service) model and can be used by paying a small subscription fee per month based on number of employees in your company.


All payroll parameters can be user- defined according to business and legislative requirements. They include:

• Personnel Management Module
• Leave Management Module
• General Utilities & Tools
• Gratuity Calculation/PASI Calculation • Loan Management Module

Payroll Reporting:

Reports may be produced in printed or electronic format. A wide variety of standard payroll reports are available to satisfy the diverse needs of business managers – including payroll, financial management, statutory, auditors and external agencies:

  • Pay details (gross-to-net)
  • Overtime analysis
  • Deduction analysis
  • Taxation
  • Sickness payments
  • Year-end reconciliation
  • Costing
  • Pay slips
  • Statutory payments
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) • Year-end payment summaries

Attendance & Rostering Interaction

Companies utilize attendance methods or systems to capture attendance data e.g. time clocks, door access systems, self service software, ERP systems, smartphones or tablet devices. PreciPAY Software has created features whereby this data can be interfaced either directly into the database for payroll processing or the time data can be interpreted to generate the appropriate payment information.


Overtime payments are facilitated in a number of ways:

  • Any number of user-definable time factors can be selected – e.g. normal time, time and a half, double time, triple time, etc.
  • Cost center allocations allow different cost centers to be entered against hours worked
  • Back pay calculations can be made based on historical data
  • Accounting data is generated automatically Reports created by the Report Designer provide management information such as overtime by department

Pay Adjustments

A simple method for making one-off payments or deductions is provided in addition to base pay, overtime and allowances. When retrospective changes to salary or allowances are entered, adjustments are automatically created. Additionally, one-off or bulk adjustments can be made as required.
You can even import spreadsheet data into the database without re-keying data e.g. performance bonuses by using the Smart Import / Export module.

1 Click Pay-Roll Process

Select month and branches for which payroll is to be processed, click on process payroll button, and view payroll outputs of thousands of employees within minutes. It’s that simple!